Roman Catholic

The Roman Catholic Church traces its continuing history back to Biblical times and claims to be the one, true world-wide church. Headed by the Pope in Rome it has several hundred million members world-wide and an estimated two million in the UK. Ministry and authority is largely in the hands of bishops and priests who are expected to be male and unmarried. There are also many religious orders and religious communities of monks, nuns, friars and sisters who are mainly employed in ministries of prayer, education or social and community work.

In Great Britain [but not Ireland] it was driven underground after the Reformation in the 16th Century, but made a comeback and grew following emancipation and large scale Irish immigration in the 19th Century. With over one million Roman Catholics worshipping in England each Sunday it is now the largest Christian denomination in the UK.


Roman Catholic churches in Newham are part of the diocese of Brentwood. In Newham it has a dozen congregations, eight church buildings, an estimated attendance of over 5000 and a wider Roman Catholic community of two or three times that number. In addition there are around ten religious orders working with local communities and it runs several primary and two secondary schools.


The Brentwood Diocesan Directory has full contemporary details.



Notes from The Victoria County History records - 1580's a secret printing press in Green Street. 1582 Lady of Manor RC Fine for harbouring priests 1585 & 1591. Recusant recorded 1577 and 1617. Only one English papist known in West Ham 1706. Irish labourers present 1719 1767 - 53 people, 1778 - 7 people, RC families in East Ham. 1780 - 160 people in West Ham.

PARISHES - Area, Name of Church and Commencement Date

Canning Town

St.Margaret and All Saints, Barking Road E16. 1859

Royal Docks

St.Anne, Berwick Road E16, 1899

St Mark's Tollgate Road Centre, Beckton E6  1987

St Mary & St Edward with St John, Albert Road, West Woolwich, E16 1887

East Ham

St.Michael, Tilbury Road E6 1925


Forest Gate

St.Anthony of Padua, St Anthonys Road E7 1884

Durning Hall Community Centre, Earlham Grove E7 served from St Anthony of Padua

Manor Park

St.Stephen, Church Road E12

St Nicholas, Gladding Road E12 now served from St Stephens. 1868 parish of Industrial School


St Francis of Assisi, 160 The Grove E15

Upton Park

Our Lady of Compassion, Green Street E13,  1901
Parish of 1870 St Edwards Industrial School


Canning Town        St.Helens, Falcon Street E13

Custom House        St.Joachims, Shipman Road E16

East Ham                 St.Michaels, Arthur Road E6

Forest Gate              St.Anthonys, Upton Avenue E7

Manor Park             St.Winefrides, Church Road E12

Stratford                  St.Francis, Maryland Park E15

Upton Park              St.Edwards, Green Street E13



Forest Gate             St.Bonaventures Comprehensive School, Boleyn Road E7 1891

Forest Gate             St.Angela’s Ursuline Convent School, St Georges Road, E7



Franciscan Friars of the Renewal  [CFR]  Canning Town

Franciscans [Friars Minor OFM]  Stratford



Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre  71 Cundy Street, E16

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary  [FMM] St Margarets Convent, Bethell Avenue, E16

Canning Town E12  and Mamre Cottage, Bethell Avenue, E16

Daughters of Mary, Mother of Mercy 54 Nigel Road, E7

The Holy Family Sisters of the Needy 2 Routh Street, E6

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 195 Church Road, Manor Park, E12

Sacred Heart of Mary [Bezier] 21 Gladding Road Manor Park, E12

Sisters of Charity 11 Ruscoe Road, E16

Sisters of Mercy 7 Tilbury Road, E6

Sisters of the Holy Cross 47 Vernon Road, E15

Sisters of St.Joseph of Tarbes  20 Lancaster Road  Forest Gate, E7

Society of the Sacred Heart  159 Boleyn Road ,Forest Gate, E7

Ursuline [Roman Union] 38 Grosvenor Road, Forest Gate, E7


The Red House 13 Upton Avenue, Forest Gate, E7



Formerly for seamen. Now ‘to promote, in an active and responsive Christian manner, the mission and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church for the homeless and those in need’. Aims at single homeless people and provides 115 spaces for Men and women.